Control Your Car Seat with Faurecia’s BioFit SDK


What is your name and title?
Jim Hotary Director, Electronics Innovation Faurecia Automotive

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do there?
Faurecia is one of the largest automotive suppliers in the world. We design and manufacture composite body panels, emission cleaning systems, and entire interiors for virtually every major automaker around the globe. I’m part of our advanced innovation team and focus on bringing new electronic and software features to vehicles.

What is your tool/technology and what is the benefit of it for developers?
The BioFit SDK makes it easy for developers to access the capabilities of our BioFit seat – the first automotive seat that streams health and wellness data to mobile devices. Real-time heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, stress level, and other indicators can be easily accessed. In addition, certain features and adjustments can be controlled directly by your app, allowing exciting new functionality.

How do developers implement your tool? Any particular technology/IDEs or experience they require?
The BioFit SDK utilizes standard iOS and Android development tools, as well and standard Bluetooth profiles. We’re working hard to ensure developers can easily create exciting new features and solutions!

What are some examples of developers or apps that have had success with your offering?
The BioFit SDK is brand new! Developers at this event will be the first in the world to access this powerful new technology.

What would you like to see developers create with your tool at the Autotech Challenge? What would you like to see that would get you really excited?
We believe the car seat, in many ways, is the ultimate wearable device. Every day, most people spend time in their vehicle. Without remembering to wear (or charge) your activity tracker, smart watch, or other wearable, the seat is able to monitor levels of bio-data previously unavailable – every time you drive! We can’t wait to learn about all the creative uses for this powerful capability – whether related to health, wellness, entertainment, or categories previously unimagined.

Why do you think developers should get involved in the Autotech industry?
The automotive industry is at an exciting inflection point – transitioning from classical manufacturing to one that provides personal mobility services. The car is already the most complex consumer product you will likely own, and in the future global challenges related to sustainability, urbanization, and other issues will require that the car radically evolve.

What is the biggest challenge of engaging with the Autotech industry that you think developers should be aware of?
In many cases, global automotive companies are notoriously difficult to work with. Finding the right entry point, understanding the daunting set of regulations, or the challenging development process, can be nearly impossible. Faurecia is committed to creating a “soft landing spot” in the industry, providing access to all automakers with one partner, and allowing you to focus on what you do best – create great apps! For more information on Faurecia’s Challenge category and prizes see here.

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