Enable Technologies with Triggerfinger


What is your name and title?
Douglas Naimo, President ­ Triggerfinger Software

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do there?
Triggerfinger Software develops technologies that take signal inputs and translate them into instruction outputs for the operation of any electronic device. This technology enables a game controller to replace the keyboard and mouse for operate your computers, TVs and InVehicle Infotainment Systems. I started the company in 2003 and have led the development of our product group to include neuromuscular controllers for accesibility applications, Handset free Input Technology for integrated controls of mobile platforms, Sensor operations from Unmanned Vehicle Platforms, Head Up Single Hand controls and Gesture based Input Controls.

What is your tool/technology and what is the benefit of it for developers?
Triggerfinger Software is a Java based application that is edited through a text file for easy integration with existing programs. The developers can use existing keyboard commands to operate their devices. The edited text file takes the existing commands and integrates the information with the device control application to provide finger tip controls from a stearing wheel or controller. The benefit to the developer is the ability to take existing keyboard controls from a pc application and operate them from the Invehicle Infotainment platform. If the program works on a laptop then it can be made operational in the vehicle.

How do developers implement your tool? Any particular technology/IDEs or experience they require?
Triggerfinger Software is a Java based application with an edited text file for customization of commands to operate existing applications. Running your custom Triggerfinger application is just like using a keyboard and mouse on your laptop.

What are some examples of developers or apps that have had success with your offering?
The living room has become the connected hub for many homes. Triggerfinger enabled technologies can be found when computers are used to access the internet via browser based platforms with a game controller replacing the keyboard and mouse. With over ten million users of the technology (and counting) this is a growing market worth supporting. For many families the automobile is their second living room. Using a game controller to operate your smart phone and tablet within the vehicle provides the benefits of using commercially available technologies with the convenience of fingertip controls.

What would you like to see developers create with your tool at the Autotech Challenge?
We want developers to create applications for the IVI computers that allow desktop control and mobile convenience for the driver and passangers. This would be a simple task using the edited text file and game control devices.

What would you like to see that would get you really excited?
I want the passanger in the back seat to operate the touch screens with a wireless game controller. That would be really cool for the kids in the back of the bus to run the video system without bothering the driver.

Why do you think developers should get involved in the Autotech industry?
65 million vehicles will be sold this year. All them are a blank slate for technology to be added via tablet/smart phone or integrated with 4G connectivity. This seems to be a pretty good incentive to put effort towards the Autotech industry.

What is the biggest challenge of engaging with the Autotech industry that you think developers should be aware of?
The biggest challange for developers is the lead time many vehicles have from concept to production. Third party development of vehicle accessories can reduce the deployment cycle but wide spread adoption of an industry standard is a timely event.

For more information on Triggerfinger’s Challenge category and prizes see here.

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