Categories and Prizes

The Autotech Developer Challenge offers a number of different prizes and business opportunities for participating developers.

Overall Winners

The Autotech Developer Challenge will award 1st, 2nd and 3rd place Overall winners for entering an application in one or more of these Categories listed.

New or enhanced apps are acceptable.  YES – if you already have an app that would be perfect for the auto industry – bring it and make it better at the Challenge!

For a complete list of rules see here

The five Categories are as follows:

  1. Diagnostics:  Apps that utilize data from the OBDii port or another vehicle source
  2. Projection:  Displaying app content and interactivity on in-car screens
  3. Internet of Things: Apps and services that connect with outside devices and sensors to provide services to in-car users
  4. Home/Car Connectivity:  Linking auto electronics with a user’s home, or other personal services and content.
  5. Enterprise/Fleet: Apps and services targeted at the B2B market and its automotive needs

Overall Prizes

1st Place Team
Trip to Connected Car Expo at the LA Auto Show, for up to 4 people

2nd Place Team
GO-Kart racing at K1 Speed San Francisco,  for up to 4 people

3rd Place Team
Remote control car,   for up to 4 people

SWAG – you’ll have to come by to find out!


Technical Partner Challenges and Prizes

Enhance your app and your chance of winning more prizes by working with our Technical Partners!  Note: All apps must enter into at least one of the above Categories to be eligible for any technical partner offer.





Carvoyant is a middleware platform providing development tools enabling connected car applications for all makes and models of vehicles in the US built since 1996. Their API integrates with off the shelf hardware and then they manage the back end connections so Developers have a consistent platform, on which to build and run connected car applications.

For the Challenge, Carvoyant will be supplying its API and accompanying devices to pull live OBDii data from cars.

Carvoyant will provide a sandbox for developers to simulate vehicle data against which to build and test applications. The sandbox is available to anyone who registers for a sandbox account

Award category and prize: $500 Prize to the most creative mash up of Carvoyant’s API and another non-automotive API (ie smart home, social media, location, etc).
Developer Portal
API Documentation & Getting Started Guide
Once registered, information specific to the sandbox environment can be found here:


Faurecia has developed what might be the ultimate wearable device – the world’s first fully connected automotive seat. We call it BioFit™, and in addition to connectivity, a complete array of advanced biosensors are included. We’re launching this seat with one of our global automaker partners soon, and we’re interested in new creative use cases – either within the seat, vehicle cabin, or beyond, that can take advantage of our technology. To make this possible, we’re releasing the BioFit™ SDK – which provides access to seat data streams, such as real time occupant heart rate, blood pressure, breathing rate, and stress levels. In addition, our API allows apps to directly control certain features of the seat system, such as climate control, posture adjustment, and massage functions – delivering enhanced comfort precisely when needed.

Award category and prize: The team who develops the most compelling app with our BioFit™ SDK will be awarded a pilot development contract and incubation support at our Faurecia xWorks automotive accelerator. The winner will be judged based on utilization of BioFit data streams, solution creativity, and perceived usefulness.

API Documentation

Developer Contact: Jim Hotary
Director, Electronics Innovation


GROM:  Our platform is built on open software architectures, therefore the system is able to integrate most application and software easily into our VLine infotainment system.  We are particularly looking for a new feature (a brand new idea) or advancing current applications and software.  E.g. in-car voice recognition can offer the benefit of convenience and safety for the driver yet, there isn’t a good software that allows this feature to work in the car seamlessly.

Award category and prize:
The winning application/software will receive 500.00 in cash prize and GROM’s T-shirt and cap.

We will judge the winner by:
Developing the most unique application/software that can assist the driving experience (Brand new in the market or making advancement to existing features such as voice recognition).

In a nutshell, we are aiming to offer the drivers an easy and convenient infotainment system.  We are looking for developers who can build an app or software that can help drivers’ every day journey.  Our goal is to deliver road safety, convenience and entertainment through VLine infotainment system.  How about a talking dashboard?

API Documentation:

It is exposing the set of sensors available in the car. Such as gear, brake, tire pressure, speed, engine rpm etc. Developers may combine these sensors with GPS, front camera, back camera to get some exciting stuff done.

In addition we will expose few more things such as:
– External IO Control (can be used to control lighting, motors or anything else via IO pins)
– Gesture control sensor. Captures simple hand gestures such as swipe up/down/left/right/push

All these sensors will be emulated via PC/Mac software and final solution should be developed using Android platform on any smartphone or emulator. Android image and APK with APIs will be posted at the end of the week.

Developer Contact: Dmitry Borisov CTO


PubNub‘s Data Stream Network makes it easy for you to enable realtime (sub-1/4-second) communications and functionality for your connected devices. PubNub powers a wide variety of IoT apps including home automation, connected car, geolocation and tracking, iOS and Android mobile push, etc.

With over 60 SDKs and numerous out-of-the-box services, you can tap into this realtime infrastructure with just a few lines of code, regardless of your programming environment. PubNub gives you:

Reliable Connectivity – bi-directional signaling for IoT devices anywhere on the globe

Presence Detection – instant detection and notification of device connection status

Powerful Security – solving the unique needs of secure IoT communication

For the challenge, PubNub is making available unrestricted license keys to the PubNub Data Stream Network and all PubNub realtime services under the terms of our Evangelism Program:

Award category and prize: $500 and PubNub t-shirts will be awarded to the team with the most innovative use of the PubNub Data Stream Network and related services.

PubNub Solutions for IoT:

PubNub Use Cases: Great place to get ideas!

Quick Start Tutorial:

API Documentation (organized by SDK):

Developer Portal: We encourage developers to sign up for their free, unrestricted sandbox account prior to the challenge: Upon signup, you will be given access to the PubNub Developer Portal and Realtime Analytics dashboard for your app.

Developer Contact: Dave Nugent, Lead Developer Evangelist, PubNub


Screen Shot 2014-08-28 at 20.21.16

Triggerfinger Software development program provides alternative devices operational command and control of In Vehicle Information systems. Existing platform replicates touch screen or keyboard and mouse assembly for operating Tablets, Smart Phones or PCs.

Development platform utilizes Triggerfinger Software’s patented technologies to allow a device with a few buttons and/or D-pads to be used just like a touch screen or complete keyboard assembly without changing the applications running on your computer.

Award category and prize: To be judged on best implementation of Command and Control of In Vehicle Infotainment systems using Triggerfinger Software and Logitech Controllers. An example would be using either controller as a remote to operate the stereo volume, station selection and music/MP3 player.
Logitech G27 Steering Wheel and G310 controller from Logitech and Developer License from Triggerfinger Software.

Developer Portal: Email doug at triggerfingersoftware dot com for license, developer information and program access.

API Documentation: Basic Key Layout Guide:

Getting Started Guide:

Developer Contact: Douglas Naimo, President