Thanks for Joining the Autotech Council’s 1st Developer Challenge!


We had a lot of fun this weekend hacking away at Prospect Silicon Valley, and whipped up quite a few cool projects! Here are the winners:

1st Place: CarSense – Peter Ma
An emergency notification application to notify drivers (and potentially police, if the situation is escalated) when children and pets are left alone in the vehicle.
2nd Place: AutoAwarez – Hank Jacobs, Erik Katz, and Jad Meouchy
The connected car meets the connected home, automating the garage to open as your car rolls into the driveway.
3rd Place: Driver Safeguard – Jeanette Head and Ken Fox
Using Faurecia’s BioKit SDK and Carvoyant’s data, this app can monitor stress levels and keep drivers safe on the road.

Also, special thanks to our tech sponsors! Here are the technical sponsor winners:

Best use of Carvoyant API: AutoAwarez – Hank Jacobs, Erik Katz and Jad Meouchy
Best use of Faurecia’s BioKit SDK: Driver Safeguard – Jeanette Head and Ken Fox
Best use of GROM Audio: CarSense – Peter Ma
Best use of Pubnub’s API’s: AutoAwarez – Hank Jacobs, Erik Katz and Jad Meouchy
Best use of TriggerFinger Software Controls: I Spy – C Lee