Get Connected with Carvoyant

Licensed Image with Jeep

What is your name and title?

Renz Kuipers, COO

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do there?

Carvoyant is a connected car development tool enabling easy connected car application development. My role within the company is to engage customers and ensure we are supporting our client’s needs.

What is your tool/technology and what is the benefit of it for developers?

We sell an API providing automotive data feeding connected car engagements. We want to make it easy to build connected car applications, and if you like it, go immediately and order a device from us to start getting cars connected to your application. We also help distribute completed apps to drivers of other customers. To help foster this, Carvoyant developed a development sandbox allowing developers the opportunity to work with simulated data enabling our clients to build and test an application without ever driving a vehicle. This actually ensures a developer will receive the type of data needed to run their application. You can imagine it might take several months before a check engine light turns on, or certainly, a developer does not want to test impact detection!

How do developers implement your tool? Any particular technology/IDEs or experience they require?

We offer our sandbox, it is available at . As of this writing, the UI only supports the base set of data. But within the next couple of days we will be releasing an update to it that allows the user to optionally select other data points. We plan on continuing to enhance this tool as much as we can to make it easy to simulate data. I also want to point out that we will be fully open sourcing the simulation tool and putting the code up on GitHub. We don’t have a timeframe for it yet but it will be sooner rather than later.

What are some examples of developers or apps that have had success with your offering?

Application wise, we have a number of applications being built but none that I would call in a finished, public state. Fuse ( is the closest one to it. They ran a pretty successful Kickstarter campaign earlier in the year and are actively doing beta testing right now. I don’t have a time frame on exactly when they will be live but I expect it to be pretty soon. There are a few others that are being built by partners for their existing customers but I’m not certain on the terms for public disclosure with them so I need to check and get back to you.

What would you like to see developers create with your tool at the Autotech Challenge? What would you like to see that would get you really excited?

We would like to see Carvoyant’s API mashed up with APIs from other ‘things’ around the driver (home, office, calendar, gas station). What would get us really excited is a new IoT integration we never considered…Parking Lot near the restaurant telling the driver how many parking spaces are left and on what floor – as an example!

Why do you think developers should get involved in the Autotech industry?

The connected car is today at a similar inflection point the smart phone was when iOS launched 7 years ago. We believe this space is on the verge of exploding so developers have an opportunity to get in on the proverbial “ground floor” of a very big opportunity.

What is the biggest challenge of engaging with the Autotech industry that you think developers should be aware of?

Consumers are becoming self aware of the value of their data. Developers need to respect the consumer’s data and ensure all engagements around an integration gives the consumer the option to control their dataflow. The Autotech industry is quickly being made aware, and is coming to grips with, this nuance in data ‘ownership.’ We recommend developers engaging the Autotech industry become aware of this nascent movement in data ownership.

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