Navigate Your Car With GROM Audio


What is your name and title?
Leigh Gibbs, Director of Partners and Investor Relations

Tell us a little bit about your company and what you do there?
GROM Audio takes pride in delivering high quality after market car-kits at affordable prices. Bringing drivers the latest in-car technology and providing customers with not only mobility, but high quality sound and safety, GROM Audio continues to build upon its previous innovations to constantly bring drivers the best aftermarket car audio products

What is your tool/technology and what is the benefit of it for developers?
GROM-V-Line is a hardware device that plugs into any car navigation or infotainment system. It will integrate the capabilities of the smartphone through the car’s built in display as well as offering the latest driver assistance technology through applications and software.

How do developers implement your tool? Any particular technology/IDEs or experience they require?
Developers will be developing in Android 4.3 within emulator and will have to use the following capabilities:
GPS sensor (standard Android interface)
Front (DVR) and back (reverse) camera (standard Android interface)
Various sensors in the car: Speed, Parking Brake, Steering Wheel position, Ambient light density, Rear Gear, Tires Pressure (and some other car related information usually obtained through the OBDII port)

What are some examples of developers or apps that have had success with your offering?
Parking assistance
Near by ammusements announcement

What would you like to see developers create with your tool at the Autotech Challenge? What would you like to see that would get you really excited?
Developing the most unique application/software that can assist driving experience (Brand new in the market or making advancement to existing features such as voice recognition)
In a nutshell, we are aiming to offer the drivers an easy and convenient infotainment system. We are looking for developers who can build an app or software that can help drivers’ every day journey. Our goal is to deliver road safety, convenience and entertainment through VLine infotainment system through various application. How about a talking dashboard driven by an app or software?

Why do you think developers should get involved in the Autotech industry?
Connected car technology is the latest booming market for various reasons. As most of us desire the access to connectivity where ever we go, the demand for connected car has increased tremendously. For example, a car with a great connectivity system that can enhance the driving experience by enabling drivers to safely multitask when necessary.
Good example would be an app that can inform the driver of nearby parking spaces via voice prompt. Being able to multitask while driving is often necessary, but not yet safely done, we need to develop tools to provide connected services with relevance and safety. Making the road much more enjoyable in safe!

What is the biggest challenge of engaging with the Autotech industry that you think developers should be aware of?
The biggest challenge is to keep in mind the automotive unique environment. Such as: clarity of the graphics, responsiveness of the interface, UI layout, usefulness of the information, predictions for the user action that minimize distraction, etc.

Find more information about GROM Audio categories and prizes here.

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