Welcome to the Sandbox

What’s the coolest space in technology for developers today? The auto industry of course!

To get in on the ground floor of the opportunities, meet the industry leaders and help drive the industry forward (pun intended), you’ll want to be part of the Autotech Council’s first Developer Challenge to be held in the Bay Area Friday, October 10 and Saturday, October 11.

The Auto industry has moved beyond apps to find parking. Think autonomous vehicles,in-car entertainment and the ability to use data from vehicle diagnostics and connecting your car to wearables and other sensors.

An additional special feature of this Challenge is to interact with the industry leader of the Autotech industry in 2 ways:

  • Private meeting invitation:  Participate in the Autotech Council’s Member meeting for October which is closed to the public.  This meeting kicks of the challenge with a panel discuss where you’ll get to hear from and meet industry leaders (approximately 100 will attend), to get their direct input on how they see what the industry needs, learn the challenges the industry faces, and make your connections to get your app on the path of successful commercialization.
  • 1-1 Mentor Session – all developer teams will get a private mentor session with one of the OEM members!


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